How To Kill Your Competition? Simple Guide and Steps

Are you getting ready for you sports competitions and need to give it all your best performance? Well in this article we will be going over some of the most simple but yet easy steps to achieve the goals for your sports.

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You may have trained for months and months, but if you are not ready for the day mentally and physically, then you won’t stand a chance on performing well. Preparation can get you only far, but the performance aspect is the most important aspect. Because no one really cares about how well you practiced, what matters at the end of the day is how well you perform on the day.

Sleeping Well Before Competition

This is crucial, because if you don’t sleep well and staying up all night wondering what might happen on your competition your mind is not at rest. You need to rest to perform well.

There are many ways you can get better rest and sleep. From meditiation to perhaps just taking a walk late at night before your competition day, you are clearing your mind from any expectations and anything that might disturb you, so sleep well.

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Drinking Enough Fluids and Water

You have to drink enough fluids and water no matter what. Especially when you are an athlete you should be drinking almost twice as much water than the average person because they do not exercise.

Water is the replenishing nutrient for the body and without water there is no life and energy. If you are dehydrated, did you know that your performance can be reduced by 16% according to some sports studies?

Eating Carbohydrates / Carb Loading

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s best not to eat any carbohydrates or to at least reduce your intake, but before an important competition, you want to be eating a lot of carbs because they are in essence you fuel for your muslces.

Carbohydrates and sugar is converted to ATP and that is used for the muscles to perform certain heavy tasks. So loading your body with energy before the final day is a good strategy.

Studies have actually shown that sipping some electrolyte and sugar drinks before your competition, improved performance by 14% when it came to the numbers.

Visualize Your Actions and Competition Day

When it comes to competitions, it’s not only about the physical body, one of the most important and also the deciding factor for victory is also the mental aspect of it.

Many great athletes have a session where they visualize their performance before their event, and brain scans have shown that when you visualize yourself performing a certain task, it fires up the same neurons in your brain as if you are actually performing the task.

So sit down for a few minutes, or lie down and imagine yourself having the best race possible and zone out any distractions from your mind.

Give Yourself An Emotional Anchor

Ever wondered why Michale Phelps always flaps his arms just before his race, well it’s an emotional anchor he used to get in state or in the mood that makes him perform his best.

This is called emotional anchoring, where you use certain words, body movements to trigger a certain response within you. Think of it like a habit. You don’t just create or develop habits out of nowhere. You develop habits because certain triggers or certain events made you feel a certain way and it made you carry out an action that you did not necessarily intend.

So actually use emotional anchoring to your advantage. During your practice, always do a specific movement or give yourself a trigger word to get you in the zone during serious sessions.

Don’t Get Attached To The Outcome

But most importantly, just allow yourself to enjoy the competition and have fun with your performance. So many athletes get hung up on a number or a PR they must reach. They get attached to the outcome and the result they want to achieve that they start to focus on the future, rather than the present.

When you are competing nothing should be on your mind besides competing and besides getting in the now, or in the zone if you will.

You need to drown out your distractions, expectations, fear of failure and just take a deep breath. Enjoy the adrenaline rush, enjoy the spectacle, and enjoy the moment for what it is. Once you can do that, you will truly enjoy not only your sport but also the act of competing!

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