About us

Christopher Brown

Chirstopher Brown is our coach who helps students to find their adventages and weaknesses. He helps people to find their role in team and improve their techniques, when playing football.


Lora Spielberg

Lora Spielberg is our manager who is responsible for our tour in U.K and student exchange program.

Jessie Olive

Jessie Olive is our marketing manager.

Pam Lipton

Pam Lipton is our coach. She is responsible for managing girls’ training and diets. She has 5 years of coaching experience.

Customer Review

Allison itsines

“I really changed personally and mentally, after I went to a training for 4 weeks. Moreover, trip to UK with my team members really helped me to experience new things.”

John karten

“I am more than happy that I have met with members in penaltyexpulsion. As a player, I improved my foot technique a lot since I started enrolling this program. Now I know my role as a TE, thank you Penaltyexpulsion!”

Amanda lia

” When I started this course, I had a lot of trouble to follow diets and work with my teammates. With the help of Pam, I started eating healthy food and successfully lost weight. Now I know how to be healthy! Also, if anyone has a harder time to stick with a strict diet and lose weight, I will highly recommend Penaltyexpulsion courses.”