Becoming the best you can be sounds easy on paper but it is one of the most difficult things to actually do in life. Before we know it, we end up just going with the flow and not care where our decisions and actions are taking us. That is why you see a lot of people with serious faces, doing serious things, and talking serious.

If you have read The Little Prince, it beautifully illustrates how many of us fall into the trap of other people’s expectations. Whether it is accumulating wealth, working for someone else, love, etc. It scarily shows the flaws in today’s society.


If you really want to grow stronger and make an experience for yourself, you HAVE to listen to yourself more. I am not saying you should take out a huge loan that will encumber you for the rest of your life to start a business, but I am saying to take small actions one at a time. What do you actually have to lose by listening to yourself more?

Do you have friends that put you down, but you are too afraid to be lonely and trying to fit in? Find better friends and associate yourself with people who life you up. Is your spouse or significant other always saying hurtful things that affect your life? Take ownership and fix what you can, otherwise leave it can’t be fixed.

You have choices and you have options more than you think! It’s easy to follow what others say and what others do, because you have something to blame if things don’t work out at least. However, it’s harder to actually walk your own path when everyone is telling you otherwise. Take control of your life and realize that you have more power than you think!


The first part of the process is finding role models; people who you aspire to be like, someone who you respect. It can be someone you personally know in life, or someone you know of through Youtube, Books, History; it does not matter. For me it has always been Elliot Hulse. His videos are powerful and insightful. He built his life from the ground up with nothing, so he knows what he is talking about.

Once you find role models, listen the fuck up! What are some things they are doing in their lives that you could be doing? What is something that you could emulate from them? Are the things applicable in your life? Learn and learn from people you admire and take action!


When you want to walk your own path, do something that has never been done before, or go against the cultural norm, people will think you’re crazy, too much of a dreamer, and sometimes even not good enough. However, what they say and do is only a reflection of who they view themselves to be and no one will do or say things to you unless you accept it.

What I mean is as long as you tolerate bullshit people in your life, bullshit come your way. You can walk away if you really so choose. At first people will mock you, try to put you down, but once you succeed, everyone wants to be your friend. Pick and choose your friends carefully!

Walking your own path does not guarantee you will succeed but at least you will know you fucking tried and made and experience for yourself rather than living someone else’s version of their experience. Your life is yours and only yours. Make good use of it.