I like to advocate things that are easy and fun. It does not always have to be something you don’t enjoy so you can do things that you like besides the ones listed below.


Humans have been running since the dawn of time. Without being able to run, humans wouldn’t have become the top species on the food chain. What’s interesting is that scientists have determined that we are not necessarily on top of the food chain because we are the fastest runners, but because we had the endurance to run long distances. Your average homo sapien could run for a few miles without a breeze.

There is something called the runner’s high that you must experience for yourself. Once you get into a rhythm and a state of perfect harmony, your head becomes so clear that you forget all your worries and regrets fade away. Literally it feels like walking on sunshine and rainbows when you get into that zen like state.


If you have always enjoyed being in water, swimming is the exercise for you. Swimming allows you to burn calories while building muscle. You still have to perform weightlifting exercises to build significant amounts of muscle, but with swimming you will be able to at least tone them and acquire a more fit physique without lifting weights.

Going to the swimming pool with friends is always fun way to spend your time, but if you are serious about swimming, it’s advised to do a few laps around the pool. A good workout session of 40-50 minutes will burn 500-600 calories, which is more effective than running and other types of activities.


Cycling is a great exercise for multiple purposes. You will get toned and strong legs as result while saving the environment. We’re not talking about stationary bikes or spinning as you call it; we’re talking about actual bicycles that you pedal. During the summer time, it’s the best way to travel back forth between places while staying in shape. An hour of cycling can burn you anywhere between 400-600 calories per hour depending on your weight. The breeze on your face is always a nice added bonus as well.


And of course, you have walking. It’s easy, not much effort needed, but the people forget how the smallest things can make a big difference in our lives. Walking can shave that extra weight off if you make it into a habit. Compared to the old days, we drive everywhere, we sit, we watch tv; leaving very little room for the most simplest things such as walking between different places, and standing.

An hour of a brisk walk can burn a few hundred calories, and you need to be in 300-500 calorie deficit to lose ~1 lbs of fat per week. So think about it! Consistent habit of walking could actually make a big difference in your life. It’s so simple yet, we overlook very easy and simple things.