When you are working out and into fitness, you will need a backpack that is suited for both every day use and something that will help with your fitness goals. It needs to be big enough but also light enough for you to put your equipment and gym clothes in.

American Gunner is actually having a special promotion with the evatac free backpack! You can get one for free from their website if you pay shipping and handling costs. While it may not be a premium backpack, for day to day use it is perfect and has many uses for it. You do have to pay for shipping, but it is worth the cost to get a decent backpack that is almost 50 or so dollars in value.

In most places like Walmart and Amazon, you will find similar backpacks that cost around the 40-50 dollars but actually are not that different from what they are offering.

Besides for fitness use, you can also use it as a school backpack, so for college students or just people who are short on cash, it might be an opportunity to get a good deal.

How Big Is It?

It’s not that different from a normal sized backpack. For normal people who need some space for laptop, clothes, books, etc, it should be plenty enough to fit your things inside it.

If however, you are looking for a gym bag, then maybe a duffel bag might be something to consider. I found this evatac free hybrid duffel bag as well that may be better for gym use.

There are plenty of compartments, and if you prefer you can actually change it into a traditional backpack with the shoulder straps so it’s a cool feature. Besides that, the bag is ventilated so your shoes and gym clothes won’t smell as bad when you open your backpack.

Why Is It Free?

It’s probably to get their brand name out and a way to do PR campaign for their business. By supporting people in such times, it builds good will and reputation and some trust between customers. They don’t just sell backpacks, American Gunner also has offers for plenty of other fitness and outdoor equipment.

Is It Good for Travel / Day to Day Backpack?

If you are looking for backpack that is larger for backpacking around the world, then you will need a different design because it’s not large enough, but day to day use, it’s alright. It is pretty light and portable so you can fold it into your suitcase when you are traveling and use it when you need to go hiking or outdoor activities.

It should be large enough to fit things that are required for 1-2 day excursion out into nature.

But make sure to try out their offer!