For the past few months I’ve been remote working from Mongolia since I happen to be a digital Nomad. The language is interesting and a bit tough but I’ve been getting by with basic phrases and broken Mongolian and some people do happen to be good at English.

If you’re trying to learn the Mongolian language my only advice is to speak it  as much as you can animate yourself in the courtroom and the people.  There are many great resources out there for those of you who are interest in the Mongolian and culture and language.

Anyways, you might be wondering whether you lose a lot of muscle when you travel around different countries and take time off. I am going to be giving some of my advice and some of my experiences with that.

The thing you have to remember with muscle growth is that you have to put strain and pressure on your muscles and break down the muscles in order to build them in order to make them bigger. You need time to rest and you need to relax once in a while, so going on a vacation is not bad once in a while for your gains. However, there is one thing to keep in mind.

If you take too long from working out, your muscles will start to atrophy after 2-3 weeks since those muscles will no longer be needed for your body. The beautiful thing about the body is that depending on your circumstances depending on environment and the strain and pressure you put on it, it adapts to that situation and it adapts to that demand.

So while you still need time to recover and for your muscles to regenerate and grow if you take too long time off if you take more than in my experience 2 to 3 weeks you start to lose muscle you and start to lose gains.

If your vacation happens to be a week, then there’s nothing to worry about because a week is a really good time for the body to rest and recover. You might be familiar with the term tapering. Tapering is essentially taking 1-2 weeks off to rest and allow your body to get adjusted to less vigorous and less intensive workouts so that you can perform better in you competitions.  I myself happened to shave 3 seconds off my 50m freestyle sprint in swimming.

For those of you happen to be taking long time off from working out and maybe going on a mini retirement vacation from working out, the truth is that you’re going to lose gains if you don’t work out and if you don’t exercise.  If you happen to be eating more than usual as well then yes you’re going to be putting on fat and losing muscle as a side effect of overeating.

The things that you can do in order to negate the effects of muscle loss and cardiovascular health is to exercise regularly while you travelling obviously. Of course if you have a local gym where you can work out while travelling, that’s the best solution, to keep on working out.

If there is no way for you to join a gym or no way to get weights and lift weights then you can try calaesthetics which is using your own bodyweight to keep in good shape.  Obviously compared to lifting weights you not going to be as big but still you’re being good shape and be fit.

So that’s just my experience in what I would have to say about the topic of travelling and maintaining your health and physique.